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The demo will show you the format and strategy of Basic Moves. If you like these, you'll likely like the full learning app.
Free Demo

Download a free demo of Basic Moves in Software!

This version contains parts of the full version, so you can try it out and see how easy it is to use.

Basic Moves currently runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. An external keyboard is needed for a Windows 8 tablet. It is not yet available for the Macintosh, nor any smartphones. Using the sample PowerPoint and Excel exercises requires Microsoft Office 97 or later to be installed on your computer.

Instructions to Download & Install Free Demo

Please read all the instructions below before beginning.

1. Click to download the free demo version.

2. After the download is done, go to your download folder and double click on the BMSSetupDemo.exe icon to install it.

Icons will appear on the desktop for the sample version of the learning app Basic Moves in Software, the full Next Steps document, and sample versions of the Excel and PowerPoint labs.

3. Double click the Basic Moves in Software icon, then follow the learning app's instructions. You'll experience the engaged learning of hands-on coding, but without its debugging delays and frustrations (a known major dropout factor).
Instead, your focus will be on learning the fundamental elements and strategies of programming languages.

4. Explore the sample coding exercises for Excel what-if modeling and PowerPoint animation. See the Next Steps document for guidance on getting started with these.

Enjoy your beginning excursion into the inner world of software!

If you have any feedback or questions about our free demo, please let us know through our Contact page.

To purchase the full version of Basic Moves in Software, please go to our Purchase page.

To purchase or inquire about a license for a school or business, please go to our License page.

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