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Easy and Efficient
You can "think computer" by entering the world of programming, easily and efficiently, with this hands-on, fact-filled learning application.
You'll learn about
the inner structure of software.
In this scene it makes intelligent choices
as it handles a repetitive task.

"Beautifully designed." - Gene R., high school programming teacher.
"I've taught VB, C++, and Java. Many areas in Basic Moves are applicable to all these classes." - Richard V., college programming teacher.
"Teachers who aren't programmers can be comfortable using it and have the kids be comfortable." - Dan R., high school pre-engineering teacher.
"I think it's a great program." - Richard G., middle school computer literacy teacher.
Basic Moves in Software

A learning application that leads you
easily into the world of programming languages.
If you want to -
  • understand how software works
  • communicate well with programmers
  • help plan new software
  • automate office tasks with scripts/macros
  • or get started programming
in this interactive documentary you become
the programmer, writing programs with
  • hands-on learning
  • an apprentice approach
  • learning by examples in Basic, C++, Java
  • animated graphics for key concepts
  • and NO debugging struggles.

with free follow-up coding exercises for
  • what-if modeling in Excel
  • animation in PowerPoint.
And its self-pacing is ideal for learning
at home or work.

Invest in yourself  now for only $9.95
or take a preview with our Free Demo .
Our Site License calculator is handy
if you're with a school or business.

"I was talking with a programmer and I could understand what he was talking about!" - Natalie W, technical writer, after using Basic Moves in Software.

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